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A History of Every Property
in Normandy
(Well, almost)
These property histories contain information arranged chronologically for each property, extracted from major sources such as Cleygate Manor court records, land tax, tithe maps and rate books. The histories mainly cover the period from the 1500s up to about 1900s.

There are two ways that you can search for particular properties or for the names of owners and occupiers.

One is to open one of the Main Lists (for Normandy, Wyke or Willey Green) and use the text search facility to search for the name you want.

The other is to use a geographical approach and first find your property in the Locator Maps (below). The locator maps are marked up with plot numbers using the numbering from the 1841-44 tithe survey (where plots did not exist in 1844 a new number has been invented). Then open the appropriate Main List and find that number in the Property Histories, which are arranged numerically.

After each property's chronological history is a list of items that relate specifically to that property, such as photographs, which are held in Normandy Historians' collections.

The histories mainly cover the period up to early 1900s. For the period 1914-1960 there is much more detailed information about each individual house, in Normandy Historians' extracts from the Ash Rate Books (MSS144) and the Electoral Registers (MSS184).

See below for some additional explanatory notes.
Main Lists (Link will open new window or tab)
Introduction to a history of property in Normandy mss225-intro.pdf (12kb) (2 pages)
History of property in Normandy.mss225-1.pdf (369kb) (136 pages)
History of property in Willey Green.mss225-2.pdf (75kb) (25 pages)
History of property in Wyke.mss225-3.pdf (237kb) (88 pages)

Maps (Link will open new window or tab)

Normandy Village Map 1       Normandy Village Map 2       Normandy Village Map 3
Normandy Village Map 1
(2224 x 3200)

Normandy Village Map 2
(2325 x 3048)

Normandy Village Map 3
(2434 x 3365)
Normandy Village Map 4       Wyke Map 5       Wyke - Normandy Map 6
Normandy Village Map 4
(2410 x 3423)
Wyke Map 5
(2424 x 3439)
Wyke - Normandy Map 6
(2480 x 3504)
Normandy Common Map 7       Flexford Village Map 8       Cleygate Common Map 9
Normandy Common Map 7
(2424 x 3498)
Flexford Village Map 8
(2480 x 3504)
Cleygate Common Map 9
(2480 x 3504)
Willey Green Map 10             Henley Park & Cobbett Hill  Map 11
Willey Green Map 10
(2480 x 3504)
 Henley Park and
Cobbett Hill Map 11
(2383 x 3425)
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Additional explanatory notes:
Notes about the entries in the Property Histories:
Where dates are shown in square brackets, e.g. [1750-60], this indicates an event that occurred some time during that period. Dates without square brackets indicate a situation that existed for all of the time shown.
A note in the form n-n-n after an entry indicates the area of land in acres-roods-perches.

The lists of related items are complete to: P567, MSS235, PW161, MP44.

Notes about the source of the information:
References in the form [Gnn/n/n] and [212/4/nn] are at the Surrey History Centre (SHC), Woking.
[tithe] indicates tithe maps and apportionments, held at SHC.
[land tax] is on microfilm at SHC.
[rate book] or [rate] is Ash poor rate books at SHC, reference 2618/1 or 2/n.
[elec reg] is electoral register books at SHC.
[directory] or [dir] is trade directories such as Kelly's, held at SHC and elsewhere.
[MSSnnn, PWnnn and MPnn] are documents in the collections of Normandy Historians.
[value nnn] indicates 1910 Valuation Act records at The National Archive (TNA) (formerly Public Record Office (PRO)), ref. IR58; nnn is the page number - transcripts at Normandy Historians' MSS117.
Where no reference is given, the information is from the Cleygate Manor court books and indentures at the PRO, reference TS19, and can be located by date.

Copyhold was a form of land tenure under the manorial system, ownership was recorded by copying the grant into the manorial roll. If a copyhold tenant died and no heir could be found, the land reverted to the lord of the manor.
Both freehold and copyhold tenants paid an annual rent to the lord of the manor.
Heriots and Fines were tributes (taxes) paid to the lord of the manor whenever the property changed hands, either by sale or inheritance. Instead of a money amount, heriots are often 'best of live goods', meaning the lord could seize the best animal on the property.

Land area:
1 acre = 4 roods, 1 rood = 40 perches or rods, 1 perch = 5½ x 5½ yards = 30.25 square yards.
(A rod is not to be confused with a rood. A rod = a perch, but a rood = 40 perches, 1210 sq yards, 1/4 of an acre.) An acre = 4840 sq yards.

Introduction to a History of Property in Normandy mss225-intro.pdf (12kb) (2 pages)
History of property in Normandy mss225-1.pdf (341kb) (128 pages)
History of property in Willey Green.mss225-2.pdf (71kb) (26 pages)
History of property in Wyke mss225-3.pdf (234kb) (90 pages)
Factsheets on Farms in Normandy mss225-4.xls (69kb) (16 pages)
Factsheets on Farms in Normandy mss225-4.pdf (49kb) (16 pages)
Listed Buildings in Normandy mss289.xls (16kb) (3 pages)
Listed Buildings in Normandy mss289.pdf (12kb) (3 pages)
Normandy Village Map 1 mss225m-1.jpg (894kb)
Normandy Village Map 2 mss225m-2.jpg (897kb)
Normandy Village Map 3 mss225m-3.jpg (846kb)
Normandy Village Map 4 mss225m-4.jpg (802kb)
Wyke Map 5 mss225m-5.jpg (1.7mb)
Wyke - Normandy Map 6 mss225m-6.jpg (1.7mb)
Normandy Common Map 7 mss225m-7.jpg (1.2mb)
Flexford Village Map 8 mss225m-8.jpg (704kb)
Cleygate Common Map 9 mss225m-9.jpg (1.3mb)
Willey Green Map 10 mss225m-10.jpg (1.3mb)
Henley Park and Cobbett Hill Map 11 mss225m-11.jpg (1.6mb)

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